> And... it is buggy.  It failed me when applying 256 color palette to a
> 256 colro image with the message:
> ---
> Error while executing
> (tiny-fu-set-cmap 6 12 "Gold")
> Error: car: argument 1 must be: pair
> --
> Not to mention:
> WARNING: Plug-In "tiny-fu"
> (/usr/local/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/tiny-fu)
> called deprecated procedure 'gimp_image_set_cmap'.
> It should call 'gimp_image_set_colormap' instead!

Normally I'd be in favour of expanding abbreviations to make things
clearer but in this case the shorter deprecated name avoids the confusion
caused by the American mispelling of Colour (damned Webster and his
patriotic neologisms).

- Alan H

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