There is now a new "layer alignment" tool in HEAD, whose function is
to align layers with other layers in various ways.  It should show up
in the toolbox by default.  The functionality can probably be
discovered by looking at the tool options and playing around, but here
is a quick overview.  To use the tool, first activate it, then
control-click on a nontransparent part of some layer to make it the
"reference layer".  Click on some other layer (without holding down
Control) to make it the target layer.  Press one of the six buttons in
the tool options to cause the target layer to shift into alignment
with the reference layer --- the type of alignment is indicated by the
symbol on the button.

If no reference layer is specified, then the target layer is aligned
with respect to the image as a whole.

For future development, I intend to make this work with guides,
selections, and paths, but currently it just works on ordinary
layers.  Also for future development, it may ultimately make sense to
merge this functionality into the Move tool, but it is more convenient
to keep it separate for the moment.

Criticisms and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

  -- Bill

(Bug #147437 shows the development history for this.)


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