Jean-Luc Coulon wrote:
> The screen capture pug-in doesnt take account if "capture the  
> decoration" is checked or not. The window is always captured with the  
> decoration. 

Hmm.  Very odd.  This was of course tested before I committed it, but
as far as I can tell from ViewCVS, the code for this ought *never* to
have worked.  Anyway, fixed now in HEAD.  Thanks for the report.

2005-06-05  Bill Skaggs  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

        * plug-ins/common/screenshot.c: make " no decorations" option
        work; problem pointed out by Jean-Luc Coulon on dev list.

I must add, however:  it is very nice to be told about bugs in this
way.  It would be even nicer if you could report them using Bugzilla.

  -- Bill

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