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> I always saidthat tehere should be some way to identificate a menu 
> entry. Not only there will be up to four (C, script-fu, Python-fu, 
> tiny-fu) equivalent entries on a row, as you point out - but I think 
> one has the right to know how each menu entry got there. 
> Today it already happens with stuff like 'filter all layers', 
> installed with Gimp-GAP - one can't know where it came from.
> People suggested that an icon before menu entries would cause to much 
> hassle to the UI - and I agree. I suggested them that right-clicking 
> on a menu item would bring some information about it. (Like:  the 
> package where it came from, what language it is written in, and maybe 
> even accept a new shortcut for that item, without having to enable 
> "dynamic shortcuts")

Right-clicking menus is afaik not supported by GTK+ and it would also
be very hard to discover. I'd say the Plug-In Browser should be
rewritten, probably in the core, to become a Menu Browser. It should
be possible to bind it to a function key that can be invoked with a
menu-item focused (as you can do with F1 to get help). Such a menu
browser would also help to locate menu entries and it could offer a
way to change the keyboard shortcut also.

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