We got an OK last week to add a couple of GIMP projects to the GNOME bounties, but unfortunately, this didn't get done. I didn't have time to do the necessary (modifying the bounties on www.gnome.org).

The due date is tomorrow for projects, so if someone were to add two GIMP projects to the GNOME "bounties" page listing a contact as the gimp-dev list, or some other address, and post a news item about it, there is a chance that we will get the work done.

The two suggestions which seemed to get the most traction were a plug-in distribution system and a vector-based shapes tool. Simon agreed to mentor someone on the shapes tool, we need a mentor for the plug-in system. There is a related resource distribution project for gDesklets in the bounties already - some coordination might be possible.

So - the actions (time-sensitive) are:

Add these two bounties to www.gnome.org (module gnomeweb-wml in GNOME CVS, directory www.gnome.org/bounties edit bounties.xml, run

mono build.exe
for i in *.php; do php $i > ${i#php}html; done
cvs add files which need adding
cvs ci

Post a news item with a link to the relevant page to www.gimp.org

Send a mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and [EMAIL PROTECTED] letting us know that you've done that.

If this gets done today, there's a chance that someone will pick up these as a last-minute project. Otherwise, the boat will be missed.

Apologies on my part for not being clear last week that I would not have the time to do the above - I was pretty clear about it on IRC, but then IRC doesn't count.


David Neary

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