On Wednesday 15 June 2005 10:13 pm, Leon Brooks wrote:
> My wife used to use a graphics package under MS-Windows 3.x a decade or
> two ago, which had been ported from the Mac. The package (name eludes
> me) understood how things like charcoal, chalk and watercolours were
> supposed to work (crumbliness, spatter, the way things tend to slide
> rather than stick as the force goes up (and eventually crush),
> brush-hair lines in the paint trail, the ability to _twist_ the
> applicator, that kind of thing). Simply recreating that ability would
> be a very noble goal and would bring a phalanx of artists aboard GIMP
> starting the day after it was released, no worries.

You might want to have a look at krita which is part of the upcoming KOffice 
1.4 release.  It is designed specifically to do the types of things you are 
talking about.  It is still under heavy development and is currently in what 
is probably a beta state.
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