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> completely off-thread, i would like to see the way mr. lehmann has the
> menu structure set in his own personal instance of gimp.

I never ever changed the menu structure compared to the cvs/source
releases, and I always run in the C locale.

> the Xtns menu.  gimp-perl tried to make the scripting environment
> invisible to the user a very very long time ago.

If you mean that I didn't make a separate Perl subhierarchy like
script-fu does (or did), then yes, this I did because I believed
that a user must not be forced to learn the difference between a
C/Script-Fu/python/perl/whatever plug-in. It makes no difference, as long
as it does what it states it would do.

I still believe that making language-specific menus is a disservice to
users. It's only use is for marketing of the language in question ("oh,
so it's in script-fu!"). But such ideas were and probably are unpopular
within a community that prejuduices some languages over others.

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