> Von: "lode leroy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I meant the following:
> Gimp must somehow load the module pygimp, which loads libpython,
> which loads the python scripts.

pygimp is a python module. GIMP exectues the python plug-ins, which are run
by python (remember the .interp file?).

You can even check the module without GIMP, just start python and try

import gimp

> I suspect the that the module mechanism is not picking up the pygimp
> module.
Python's module mechanism doesn't recognize the dll files as a python
module. Once you solve this (e.g. add or remove the compiler or linker flag
that makes it work or break resp.), it should work.

> Could you also verify that you are in fact running gimp-2.3.1 and that
> pygimp is actually compiled from the sources inside gimp-2.3.1...

I'm running GIMP HEAD (a lot more recent than 2.3.1) and gimp-2-2 (a bit
more recent than 2.2.7).


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