Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> couldn't even figure out how to move a directory up with type-ahead,
>> '..' doesn't work.
> Alt-Up brings you up one level in the folder hierarchy.

This brings me only up one level in the presented folder hierachy, not
one level up in the directory hierachy. So if I am in [Home] or
[Desktop] or other 'special' locations I can't go further, even so
there still would be a directory. So is it right that I have to either
use the mouse or restart from / if I one to go higher than that?

> I can only state once more that I rarely ever use the mouse in that
> dialog. I use the mouse to change a file filter and I use it to
> manipulate bookmarks, certainly not for navigating the file list. I
> accept that it doesn't work for you but it is wrong to state that
> the new dialog is not much good for use with the keyboard.

Well, it might still be keyboard navigatable to some degree (support
for '..' and such whould be nice), but I fail to see how it should be
in any way superior to the old one whe used with the keyboard.

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