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> Hi,
> Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> > The thing is that there are plenty of exceptions to that rule.
> >> > File|Dialogs being a big source of stuff that doesn't need an image,
> >
> > I'm irked that we have both Dialogs and Dialogues
> Sorry, would you mind to explain that? We only have a menu called
> Dialogs. Everything else is a translated menu entry.

It is ugly little localisation issue that I wish was not an issue at all.
I should probably take it up with the en-GB translation team but if the
menu item used a word that was the same in both American and British
English my problem would go away.

Seeing the most recent version of the gimp with the word Dialogs localised
to "Dialogues" looks really really weird and disturbing.  I've always
thought of "Dialogs"  (American spelling) as the computer kind and
"Dialogues" (British spelling) as the conversation kind.  Software
manufacturers so rarely bother to fully localise computer terminology I
have grown to think of the American way of spelling things to refer to the
computer terminology.  I wish I could find other examples of using local
spellings to have a subtely different meaning but off the top of my head I
cannot think of any non computing related examples (analogue, dialogue,
programme, favourites, etc) but maybe you can think of examples of German
words that have ambiguous meanings depending on which German speaking
country they come from.  I hope that makes some sense.

> > and I would like to see it replaced with a term that doesn't require
> > extra localisation work and yes I wouldn't be averse to slapping the
> > slightly inappropriate "Windows" label on it (benefit of consistency
> > with other software) but Palettes or even Docks which actualy
> > describes the type of dialogs might be better.
> Windows is usually used for a list of opened windows.

Photoshop is a bit weird I admit but the Windows menu is where it puts the
menu items to control what Palettes are shown.  The list of Open Windows
is also included in there somewhere, and also an option to "save
workspace" which will make sure window positions are remembered and a few
other bits and peices (like maybe Close All, but I dont have convenient
access to Photoshop so I'm really not sure what is in there).

> So if we used that we would use a term that is consistently used in
> other applications for something completely different.

In theory the View menu would be the place to put menu items to control
what windows/dialogs are shown or not shown but in this case it is not at
all pratical.  It may not be consistent in the general sense but
graphics applications do what is consistent with Photoshop for better
or worse.  The menus are being reorganised anyway and this
would be one less thing for them to complain about, so if ever there was
an appropriate time for me to mention it I think this is it.

> And we should actually consider to add a Windows menu that lists all
> open GIMP windows.

Listing all the open window list might help reduce the requests for a
tabbed interface to the gimp many of which seem to be due to difficulties
in managing lots of open windows.


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