Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've been contributing suggestions both here and on the
> bugzilla.gnome.org bug (whose number I forget).  Yes, it's true that
> my suggestion boils down to "bring back the text entry box!" and not a
> whole lot else.  Every time anyone here makes that suggestion you
> dismiss it with "You basically have no clue on how the new dialog
> works" or "I have already explained [how a text entry with completion
> would conflict with being able to use the file dialog's other
> features]" without really getting to the heart of the matter -- a lot
> of people just plain want a text entry box, because it's such a
> natural way to work (a filename, or pathname for that matter, is a
> text string, and people just want to be able to type it in a natural
> manner).

Hey, what the heck is this about? I accept the fact that a lot of
people want the text entry back but I am not the maintainer of the
GtkFileChooser dialog so why do you care about my opinion? I will
continue to tell people that I don't think the text entry should be
added back but of course I don't care if it is being added back as
long as I can switch it off. If you want the text entry back, go add
it back. I even expect the GTK+ developers to accept a patch if it
works well and uses XSettings to make it optional.

> The only GTK2 app that I use on any kind of routine basis that uses
> this dialog is the GIMP.  This has given me a good reason to do
> everything I can to avoid other GTK2 apps.

If only I could get rid of the few apps that I still have to use that
don't use the new file chooser yet...

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