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> Are you trying to argue? Maybe there is hope for you then, although the
> above is not an argument. It's better than activey ignoring what people
> write.

"actively ignoring", haha. That's a nice one. You know, I have all the
right to ignore these complaints since this list is definitely the
wrong place to complain about the file chooser and I am not
maintaining this code. But I have chosen not to ignore the complaints
but to listen to them and to forward any complaints that I agree with
to the appropriate people. I will of course not do that for complaints
or proposals that I disagree with. It is up to you and anyone else to
address the relevant people and to persuade them to do something about
your problem or even to accept your patches that solve the problem.

Posting to gimp-developer about file chooser issues can only mean one
thing. It means that you want to have your points discussed. And of
course you will have to defend your view in such a discussion. If you
don't want to do that, what's the point of bringing up the topic then?

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