Leon Brooks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> A special batch-processing UI would have its own independent uses, (e.g. 
> it would be handy to be able throw a macro at a batch of Gnumeric files 
> in one go), but does not directly address the issue. </digression>
> We're not trying to turn The GIMP into a GUI copy of ImageMagick. The 
> purpose of the exercise is to cater straightforwardly to the batching 
> _mindset_ rather than a specifically batched situation.

Such a UI has been requested quite frequently and I think it would be
very nice to be able to mark a directory or a bunch of images for
batch processing. The list of selected images could be shown in a
dockable (perhaps even the already existing Images dialog) and you
could work your way through this list. In such a context, it would
make a lot of sense to remember the save location and default to the
same save directory for all images.

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