On 6/24/05, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Nathan Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > writes:
> > No, just more sophisticated.  You still have to create a path in order
> > to import an svg as a path.
> No, you don't have and you never had to. There's a Paths menu that
> allows you to import an SVG even if no other path exists yet.

I used to have a co-worker that would often say that if a user can't
find a feature, it doesn't exist.  Even after rummaging through the
code with grep for a few minutes, the only menu I can find that allows
you to import an SVG is the one that you right-click an existing item
in the Paths dialog to get.  I'd have to say that since even a casual
but directed search through the source code can't find the menu that
you're talking about, the discoverablity of the feature is
impressively bad.

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