lode leroy wrote:

> Ah, now it starts up, and the "Python-fu" is there... yippee!

It should do so now out of the box, at least in current CVS... maybe
except for the interp file, but we should be able to fix this today.

> And now lets hope some autotools-wizard can deduce from this mail what
> needs to change...

This has been done yesterday by yosh and me. I have to say that I'm
surprised that it did work for you, as we had to change the
gimpinterpreterdb.c file in order to make it work...

Nevertheless, your mail provided some important hints that helped to
finally get pygimp part of the regular win32 build of GIMP. So starting
with GIMP 2.4, we will have Python as an additional scripting language -
one that can probably considered to be more "standard" than Scheme.

Thanks again for your input!

If you want to continue to work on scripting, and get even more
scripting languages to GIMP on the windows plattform, there is
gimp-perl, some java classes, a ruby binding and iirc even something for
Tcl... :)


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