On Sunday 26 June 2005 11:19, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> lode leroy wrote:
> > Ah, now it starts up, and the "Python-fu" is there... yippee!
> It should do so now out of the box, at least in current CVS...
> maybe except for the interp file, but we should be able to fix this
> today.

Hooooooooooooorrrrrraaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!  :-)

> Thanks again for your input!
> If you want to continue to work on scripting, and get even more
> scripting languages to GIMP on the windows plattform, there is
> gimp-perl, some java classes, a ruby binding and iirc even
> something for Tcl... :)

And there was the guy asking for a Lua interpreter, and I rememeber 
someone was working on GIMP-C# 

> Michael
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