Pedro Kiefer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I did look at the PS user interface for layers before doing the
> mockup.  In the other message you've said: "I am sorry, but you
> can't put the lock at the end of the row. It would become invisible
> as soon as one layer has a longer name."  Couldn't that be solved by
> ellipsizing the layer name? I really dislike extremeally long layer
> names, they clutter the interface.

Well, it is up to the user to name the layers and I don't think we
should make it harder to use long names. In general it is better to
allow list views to scroll horizontally instead of trying to shorten
the content to make it fit into the dialog.

If we want to have all the lock types that PS offers, we would have to
add three new toggles to the layer row. Is that feasible?

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