On Sun, 2005-06-26 at 12:59 -0300, Pedro Kiefer wrote:
> Sven,
> I did look at the PS user interface for layers before doing the mockup.
> In the other message you've said: 
> "I am sorry, but you can't put the lock at the end of the row. It would
> become invisible as soon as one layer has a longer name."
> Couldn't that be solved by ellipsizing the layer name? I really dislike
> extremeally long layer names, they clutter the interface. I think that we
> could have both, a check box together with the opacity slider and as a visual
> aid an small lock that would only disable the lock in the left of the layer 
> list.
> That way is easy to know which layers are locked, and they are easly unlocked.

As a follow up to my own message, here is another mockup. The lock on
the far right of the list would disable the lock for the given layer, so
you don't have to change to that particular layer to change it's status.
The checkboxs under the opacity slider toggles the different locking
mechanisms supported, hence the weird question mark, which should reads
as insert_your_own_locking_here.

Pedro Kiefer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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