[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-07-11 at 2259.33 -0500):
> I'm running gimp-2.3.2. Thank you for the "snap to canvas edge" option. I 
> would suggest that it should default to "on/checked". Snap to Guides is 
> defaulted to "on", the canvas edge should be considered a default guide (in 
> fact, that is how I would implement the feature, have images open with the 
> edge being the default guides - but since I'm not a coder I'm just thankful 
> for the feature regardless how implemented).

I doubt that makes sense... if it does, why not also make all images
start with some guides? Two guides at 1/3 of size ("rule of thirds"),
or the middle of each axis ("where is the center?"), for example. At
least these ones would be visible, not "magic".

Snap to guides defaults to on because the user has to add guides
first, and normally people add them for the snap feature. I think it
would make more sense to save the status of snap to edges if you want,
but default to off. At least it would avoid all the "my paintbrush
jumps when I am near the edge" problems.

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