[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-07-12 at 1722.01 +0200):
> > I doubt that makes sense... if it does, why not also make all images
> > start with some guides? Two guides at 1/3 of size ("rule of thirds"),
> > or the middle of each axis ("where is the center?"), for example. At
> > least these ones would be visible, not "magic".
> This would make sense if it was implemented in the image templates - using
> XCF files for templates would achieve this, and this has already been
> suggested.

And done already, years ago there were some templates that people just
copied and used for things like CD covers (instead of waiting for
dialog to do something, just keep empty files ready to use like blank
paper that can be cloned). But the point is that the user requested
it, and was clearly visible, then it makes sense. "My paintbrush fails
around the edges" does not so much, IMO. Following the XCF idea, edges
as guides could be saved in it and show a nice hint.

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