Andrei Simion <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Some time ago I reported a problem on the gimp server: more images I
> create, the gimp ends up creating a swap file and this file increases
> rapidly.
> I was advised to install Gimp 2.x and I installed the 2.2 version. The
> problem is the same, the swap file is still created and it still
> increases in size. It means the Gimp server doesn't free the memory it
> uses when creating an image.
> Should I call a special method in the script that makes the image?

You are deleting the images, aren't you?

Andrei, there is really nothing we can do with the vague description
of your problem. I have asked you before to provide a documented test
case. Unless you do that, you shouldn't expect any further help.
Please stop wasting our time.

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