I've been experimenting with writing Script-Fu scripts in Gimp 2.2.27
on Debian Linux.  The particular script I'm working on is based on a
script that "rotoscopes" a selection on single frame, except that it
has been modified to use glob to find a list of files, and
select-by-color to select the area to "rotoscope", as well as to go
into the Xtns menu as opposed to the Image-Script-Fu menu.  [I also
remember reading about the menu reorganization in CVS, and when that
version comes out and I upgrade, I will try and update the script as
necessary.]   Anyways, when running the script, it takes a while, and
I notice that at the bottom of the Script-Fu dialogue for that script
(and many others) there is a "Script Progress" indicator that lists
the current command being executed and the percentage display for any
plugins that run.

What I'm wondering is if there is any function that allows me to
display a percentage back to the user using that percentage bar when
it's not in use by a plugin, because the script does take a while to
run.  I'm aware of the gimp-message output functions, but I find these
aren't feisable when simply reporting the percentage complete to the
user (me).  In particular, I simply wish to report which frame is
complete, for example if I'm rotoscoping using the glob "image???.png"
and the glob returns 180 files, and I work on all of them and I'm
keeping count, I want to be able to report I'm done e.g. file 20 of
180 as a percentage on the bar and/or through a status line
[preferably either the former or both as opposed to just the latter].

I would greatly appreciate any feedback, including a reference to any

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