michael chang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> What I'm wondering is if there is any function that allows me to
> display a percentage back to the user using that percentage bar when
> it's not in use by a plugin, because the script does take a while to
> run.  I'm aware of the gimp-message output functions, but I find these
> aren't feisable when simply reporting the percentage complete to the
> user (me).  In particular, I simply wish to report which frame is
> complete, for example if I'm rotoscoping using the glob "image???.png"
> and the glob returns 180 files, and I work on all of them and I'm
> keeping count, I want to be able to report I'm done e.g. file 20 of
> 180 as a percentage on the bar and/or through a status line
> [preferably either the former or both as opposed to just the latter].

gimp-progress-update doesn't work for you?


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