On 8/6/05, Gottfried Zojer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> But is anybody aware if there is somebody working on a project to bring
> Gimp to run with the AGEIA PhysX chip ( is there any documentation about
> how to use the NovodeX v2.2 SDK in combination with a Gimp plugin
> Thanks for any feedback

The GIMP performs 2D image manipulation, not 3D physics manipulation.
None of the features in the PhysX chip apply to what GIMP does, so
it's highly unlikely that any of the filters or plugins use this chip.

He is probably referring to the 3D effects that can be done via plug-ins.

If you wish to speed up the performance of The GIMP, get a faster CPU,
and more, faster memory.  A faster hard disk (maybe small, high-speed
SCSI disk) [or a partition of such a disk, used when the disk is not
being used for other activities] used exculsively for The GIMP may or
may not also improve performance.

None of these statements are guaranteed to be true, and are merely
speculation.  Take with a grain of salt.

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