Some of you might still remember - or maybe even use - the operating
system of the future that was supposed to free the world from such
things as DOS or Microsoft Windows 3.x.

Despite being a stable and technologically advanced platform, it didn't
succeed - partly because of its equally advanced hardware requirements
(8 megs of RAM was much in those days), partly because one of its
creators turned against it.

Today, it's user base is mainly loclizced in certain parts of the
finance and touristic commerces, and only a few boxes remained with
individuals. And with IBM having announced "End of support" for 2006,
the number of OS/2 systems will most likely go down even further.

In this tragical situation, it is a good thing that some individuals
keep up the spirit of Free Software and provide current applications for
a platform that is now considered "exotic" at best. For a long time,
GIMP 1.2.2 was the latest version of GIMP available for OS/2.

Now, in once amazing quantum leap, this has changed - the current stable
version of GIMP for OS/2 is 2.2.8 - yes, like the current stable version
on the other platforms.

Prebuilt binaries are available from

There are also the libs that are required (GTK+, Glib etc...) and a
XFree86 package. Kudos to Frank Geissler and Ralph Hannes, for preparing
the builds and posting to a german OS/2 newsgroup respecively, where the
article caught my eye.


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