Howdy everyone... thought this would be a good message to introduce myself in and my intents:

I wanna get into debugging a bit of GIMP (that's right... I'm fresh blood) and once I get used to it, I guess I'll go ahead and add something to the core code if you'd approve. I went ahead and typed up my ideas but I decided it would be a bad idea to post any of my thoughts until I got some feedback. Is the mailing list a good place for me to announce ideas like that and whatever? I just would hate to spam this list with my thoughts if it's the wrong place.

OH! And another thought. I'm assuming you people don't need a resume or any of that jazz... you just want me to debug stuff until I prove I'm better than another developer, then he/she gets voted off the island and gets eaten by sharks while we watch and eat popcorn and then I go ahead and start developing code until I die so many times that I don't have any quarters left to put in the video game. Am I loosely right?

Dang, I need to lessen the sugar.

Ta ta, ya' GIMPy people,
Jeremy White

P.S. Do you want my system(s) specs?

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