michael chang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I wasn't sure if I should attempt the task or not, and was kinda
> hoping someone else would take the task (because I'm fiddling with
> some other things in POV-Ray and Perl, among other things).  But I
> believe I could attempt this, if you can point me generally at the
> document sources I might want to look up, and what special
> instructions I'd need for "submitting" the finished product.

This isn't really a simple task for someone who has just joined GIMP
development. We have a number of people who are around for some years
already and should know quite a few of the names in the list of
authors. Probably one of them should do it.

Whoever wants to give it a try, the ChangeLogs will be a useful
resource. At the moment, almost everyone is listed as "author". If in
doubt, just keep it that way.

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