Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:

The lack of Pantone support in GIMP is a useful example of how software
users are harmed by software patents, but to make this claim I need to be
able to point out which patents cause this problem.

Is that really a patent issue? Pantone support need be nothing more complicated than a name -> colour lookup table. (That's how InDesign implements it - an EPS file defining a shedload of CMYKCustomColors).

I would have thought that the issue with Pantone colours would be Trademark and/or Copyright.

If no-one minds, I'll submit the information here too:

Any other solid info about patent problems in GIMP would also be
appreciated.  On- or off-list.

Probably best to keep this off-list; Free Software developers are better off keeping themselves entirely ignorant of patent issues, because the penalties for knowingly infringing a patent are generally much harsher than for doing so accidentally.

Publishing any examples you may find could, unfortunately, backfire for the same reason.

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