On Tuesday 13 September 2005 18:42, Adam D. Moss wrote:
> Leon Brooks wrote:
>> Overlay a wall in someone's splendid-looking house with a montage
>> of GIMP developers?

> 'Working on GIMP paid-off my mortgage!'

In a world overflowing with justice, yes. Here, however... <sigh>.

On the bright side, _using_ GIMP instead of something priced around 
AUD$1200 has literally helped my sister-in-law pay off her mortgage.

She was able to borrow just enough money to pay for the camera (Canon 
10D) and lenses that would do what she needed as a professional 
photographer (at a breath-taking discount, how she got that and at the 
same time kept all of her clothes on I do not know). If she'd had to 
pay another two grand for PS, XP, virus scanners, etc it wouldn't have 
been possible. http://www.goldenlight.bur.st/

Her new occupation has paid off the camera, paid for a new one (20D) so 
she has a backup, paid for several GB of Compact Flash, and paid a 
significant chunk of their mortgage. Next, it will pay for a computer 
for her children so that they have something besides her work machine 
to learn and play on. She has more work than she can handle.

There are still some features of PS that she yearns for, but after 
actually using PS she says she finds most of the interface very awkward 
compared with The GIMP.

Simple little things can make a large difference. I always find copying 
and pasting text very awkward on MS-Windows after using Linux, "Select, 
move to keyboard, Ctrl-C, move to mouse, find target application, 
click, Ctrl-V, move back to mouse" vs "Select, find target application, 

Cheers; Leon

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