On Wednesday 05 October 2005 03:11, Hal V. Engel wrote:
> Windows and
> Linux can live on the same machine with no problems.  So you do not
> have to "destroy the Wind32 environment".  Many of the folks on this
> list, myself included,  have both Linux and Windows running on the
> machines they use on a daily basis.  If all you need is enough of a
> Linux installation to get GIMP to build and to test GIMP then the
> amount of diskspace needed to do this is fairly small and you can
> free up a partition on your existing hard drive(s) to do this.  In
> addition, most Linux distros are free.  So this clearly does not take
> any money or new/additional hardware.

> The real issue is time.  Which is a valid concern but it might
> actually take less time and effort to get a working Linux environment
> than to mess around getting Windows setup to compile GIMP since most
> Linux distros will do this out of the box or very nearly so.  Some
> linux distros will do a minimal install in as little as a half hour.

Lance, please pardon the distro-centric plug, but Mandriva Linux will 
resize partitions to suit (doing a defrag before you boot the installer 
helps), is very easy to set up and use (lots of nice GUI helpers), free 
to download and either of LILO or GRUB are more than adequate as boot 
managers for the complete system.


Run this short script to set up a user's account for building RPMS:


Install a source RPM for GIMP as that user, then copy a development 
tarball into rpm/SOURCES/ then tweak (with a text editor) the specfile 
at rpm/SPECS/gimp.spec to refer to it instead of the original, and 
you're away.

As Hal says, your main issue is going to be time. If you don't have an 
hour to stumble fearfully through a Linux installation, will you have 
time to do serious development?

Cheers; Leon

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