Yavala writes:
 > Can anyone show me how to compile the simple Plug-in1 "hello' message on 
 > GIMP.
 > The simple plugin for gimp is available at this link
 > http://developer.gimp.org/writing-a-plug-in/1/index.html.

I don't see any complete source code on that page, unfortunately. What
did you do, paste together the code snippets on the page?

 > I have included one header file called libgimp.h which is similar
 > to #include <libgimp/gimp.h> from the developers website.

So you say, but then the error messages you include below talk about

 > gcc.exe "D:\New Folder\hello.c" -o "D:\New Folder\hello.exe"   

Hmm, actually using a folder called "New Folder" does not seem like a
terribly bright idea. You are supposed to rename folders you create to
some meaningful name. I would also recommend not using spaces in
folder names, it can cause various problems sooner or later.

 > D:\New Folder\/gimp.h:10: error: syntax error before '*' token

Is this gimp.h something you created yourself, or where did you get it
from? And why is it in "New Folder"? If it is the standard gimp.h from
a GIMP distribution, it should be in a subfolder
include\gimp-2.0\libgimp of where you installed the GIMP developer
files [1]. Anyway, the normal gimp.h has about twenty lines of
comments at the beginning, so how can line 10 have a syntax error?


[1] There doesn't seem to be any GIMP development package for Win32 at
the gimp-win.sf.net site.

There is one at http://www.gimp.org/win32/gimp-dev-2.2.7.zip . Maybe
it should be advertised somewhere, although I initially intended it to
be just temporary until gimp-win.sf.net would offer also a developer
package. If you haven't already gathered the same headers and import
libraries from somewhere else, you probably want to download that and
point your compiler to use headers and (import) libraries from there.

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