Dears all,
I'm developing an open source plug-in capable of vectorise historical seismograms.

Using function gimp_vectors_compat_get_points() with a path that have more than one component, I get the following message: Gimp-Vectors-WARNING **: gimp_vectors_compat_get_points(): convert failed"

I took a look in gimp-2.2.8/app/vectors/gimpvectors-compat.c line 164 of 281, and I was very surprised reading:

if (open_count >= 2)
g_warning ("gimp_vectors_compat_get_points(): convert failed");
              *n_points = 0;
              return NULL;


Has someone planned to extend this function?
If not, could someone provide me further information to do this?
I'll be very happy to help in gimp development.

Matteo Quintiliani
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