Indeed, the Paths itnernals and UI was completly revamped on GIMP 2.0, 
but the API never catched on.

There is no way to work properly with multple component paths with the 
current API, as you had found out.

I cannot give further advise at gthis moemnt, but to ask politely for 
you to take a look at the source. Tehre is a bug report dealing with 
this in GIMP's bugzilla, but there is nothing serious there.

Apart from that, we have to wait for Simon to step him, and give some 
hints (he redesigned the vector internals for 2.0). Either way, you 
will be better able to follow his suggestions if you had already 
taken a look at the source.



On Tuesday 25 October 2005 02:32 pm, Matteo Quintiliani wrote:
> Dears all,
> I'm developing an open source plug-in capable of vectorise
> historical seismograms.
> Using function gimp_vectors_compat_get_points() with a path that
> have more than one component, I get the following message:
> Gimp-Vectors-WARNING **: gimp_vectors_compat_get_points(): convert
> failed"
> I took a look in gimp-2.2.8/app/vectors/gimpvectors-compat.c line
> 164 of 281, and I was very surprised reading:
> ===================================
> if (open_count >= 2)
>              {
>                g_warning ("gimp_vectors_compat_get_points():
> convert failed");
>                *n_points = 0;
>                return NULL;
>              }
> ===================================
> Has someone planned to extend this function?
> If not, could someone provide me further information to do this?
> I'll be very happy to help in gimp development.
> Sincerely,
> Matteo Quintiliani
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