Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> there are a few new gimp.org web sites lately.  i have been playing with
> the software available from planet.org and the results have been almost
> instant.
> http://paths.gimp.org is a collection of news from the world of free art
> software.  i have subscribed to any news page i could find from the
> people who are going to be attending the convention next february
> (http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/LibreGraphicsMeeting)
> http://layers.gimp.org is a collection of gimp developers with blogs.
> this was a difficult list to come up with, i am open to the idea that i
> might have made an inclusion or omission mistake there.
> http://pixels.gimp.org is a collection of gimp users with blogs.  it
> would be nice to get more blogs there.  it would be even nicer if we
> could get more people blogging about gimp there.
> still in the planning stage is channels.gimp.org which should be a feed
> of gimp tutorials.  i am talking with the people at
> http://www.gimptalk.com about this.  as soon as we can settle on a
> good format for this, that will be online.

Very nice. I am not sure how useful it is to have different
aggregators for developers and users but we will see. What I am
missing is a note on the individual sites explaining what feeds they
are collecting and perhaps links to the other aggregators?

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