John Leach wrote:
Hi all,

I just downloaded the 2.3.5 snapshot and had a go with the Lanczos
resizing algorithm.  It seems to bring out some strange artifacts in one
photo (actually, the first I randomly tried).

Looking at the original, I can see what it's accentuating but it looks
bad. Other photos look great, much sharper compared with the cubic
algorithm.  This seems rather too sharp, in the wrong place.

Is this normal?

cubic, lanczos and original examples at:
It is odd. But it should be noted that an image like this... Brushed steel, with a very, *very* short field of depth is quite rare ;) Is it the camera's aperature/focus that happens to be just below the power button, or is it blurred the image?

But still, its clearly a faulty algorithm... Quite serious as well(?)


P.S: Compiled on ubuntu breezy, on i386.

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