On Wed, 2005 Nov 23 16:08:05 +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> You would be doing us a great favor if you could open a bug report for
> this issue and attach your patch there. That will ensure that it isn't
> forgotten.


        Summary: Oilify plug-in enhancements

I also opened a separate bug, proposing the removal of the "Use intensity
algorithm" checkbox. From the first, I never understood why anyone would
want to use the plug-in without this option checked, as then you tend to
get psychotic colors everywhere:


And now, after having waded around the code a bit, it seems to me that the
only reason that option even exists is because the original developer
implemented the RGB (i.e. non-intensity) algorithm first, then the
intensity algorithm, and never deprecated/removed the former---even though
what it does is outside the plug-in's stated purpose.


(At the very least, I suggested making the "intensity algorithm" the
default. I doubt more than a minority of users would uncheck that.)


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