I'm currently using Pango version 1.10.1 which is in the gtk/2.8 folder. There isn't a windows folder in the 2.9 folder however there are later versions of Pango. Should I use one of these?

I don't know anything about the build script. I found it at


If this script in only a convenience, what's the recommended way of building the GIMP on Windows?



Michael Schumacher wrote:
Von: Chris Share <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

checking if Pango is version 1.11.0 or newer... no
checking if Pango is built with a recent fontconfig... no

Any ideas about what I need to do to fix this?

Get a more current version of Pango. The win32 folders at ftp.gtk.org
usually contain all matching versions for a release.

BTW, is this script still maintained? The current problems are probably due
to the fact that is was never used to build GIMP 2.3 or directly from CVS,
but is there someone who cares for it and adds the latest libs at least?

As a side note, anyone using this script is strongly advised to see it a a
convenience script and not something that is required to build GIMP on
windows. You should make yourself familiar with it and understand why it
does and why it does it - and how you can do the same without it.


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