On Wed, Dec 28, 2005 at 04:12:15PM -0200, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
> I was looking at the patterns that come with the GIMP.
> They might have been nice for  320x240 web images that everyone edited 
> a few years ago.
> But in a world of 7 MP cameras, all patterns that come with the GIMP 
> are nearly useless.
> there are a few pending features for patterns on the program itself - 
> like categorization, possibly scaling, and so on.
while i think it is nice that gimp comes with such small resources,
especially while getting to know gimp -- it would be really nice to have
more for download.

a discussion of the catagories might be good.

> That aside, these patterns are in urgent need for an update. Even if 
> not on the patterns that come along with the GIMP itself, nice 
> pattern collections would be nice - perhaps some that could be 
> packaged in  a "gimp-data-extras" module, or something like that.
we can have several options at the gimp web site already.  i think that
the contest upload thing can be used to get patterns or gradients or
whatever.  the information about where and how to save them would have
to be given.

> Even updates of the existing patterns so that they do no look a silly 
> square repetition  when covering a surface more than 400px wide would 
> be a nice thing.
updating is a good idea, but my suggestion about keeping the patterns
small for the default installation -- you understand that?  we play
"whose binary is smallest" every so often.  it is a good game.  i know
this is not the gimp binary but it is part of the download.

> So - developers, what do you think might be the best approach? To 
> update the patterns that come with the program thenselves or make 
> additional collections available? 
i say come up with some catagories.  it should be easy to make a web
page that will search on resolution and catagory.

> And everybody - let's start building some nice patterns - one way or 
> the other we have to collect then all an make then available for all 
> the GIMP users.

other resources as well.


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