"Hal V. Engel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I don't know how far along this is in CVS but the last snap shot I
> looked at, 2.3.6, still needed significant work to have usable color
> management facilities.

That is correct, it is far from being finished.

> 1.  There is only limited support for embedded profiles.  Only png
> files worked.  So tiff and jpeg users will have limited
> functionality.

IIRC, the support in the TIFF and JPEG plug-ins is as good or bad as
in the PNG plug-in. What makes you think that only PNG would "work"?

> 2. Embedding profiles and doing color space conversions is not
> supported.  So you must use an external application for this such as
> lcms or ImageMagick

This is definitely on the TODO.

> 3. It is currently coded to use the default RGB profile as the
> source profile for all images.  I don't know if this the case with
> pgn files since it will "- load and save embedded ICC profiles
> from/to PNG images".  But this does allow users of jpeg and tiff
> images to use what is there.  You just have to manually set the
> correct source profile for your image in the preferences dialog.
> This is a little confusing if you don't know what is going on but
> this is apparently for testing during development and this will not
> be how this will work when this is released.

This will change, the display filter modules cannot yet access any
image properties so the embedded color profile is currently being

> 4. There are no facilities to handle CM during the printing process.

That's left to the print plug-ins but shouldn't be hard to add.

> I am looking forward to the next snap shot.  Hopefully it will have
> a more complete CM implementation.

Noone is actively working on this, so it is unlikely that the next
snapshot will improve the situation. I hope to be able to start
working on it at some point, but I can't promise anything and I would
prefer if I could just help someone else to finish this.

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