"Thor Harald Johansen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have a potential problem coming up, though. I might not release the
> source code of this program. As I understand it, for the icons
> borrowed from GTK+ this poses no problem, because of its LGPL
> licensing. GIMP, however, is licensed under the GPL.

The stock icons are in libgimpwidgets which is released as LGPL. But
you are wrong to assume that being part of a library that is released
under the terms of the LGPL would allow you include the icons in your
closed-source software. The LGPL allows you to link your application
against the library, it doesn't give you the right to reuse parts of
the library. So I am afraid to tell you that you may not use any of
these icons unless you do so by linking to the respective libraries
and allowing your customers to relink the application to other
versions of gtk+ and libgimpwidgets.

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