Reaching PS6 compatibility would such a great goal. I know a lot of creatives using just PS6 or 7 and i can't renember that any of them has problems about reading files of newer version like CS1 or CS2. My self getting a legal version of PS6 at work and didn't get any problems neither.

A standard that is always activated in the PS preferences is "Always maximize Compatibility for Phtotshop files" and i do not no anybody that deactivating that.

I personal believe that there is no real change of the file format since PSD 6.0. The fact that Adobe does not publish the PS6 SDK (which includes the file format informations) anymore is a hint for that.

BTW the SDK is available on other sites on the net i posted the url at the beginning of that thread. This SDK includes sample code too and requires windows.

Boudewijn Rempt schrieb:
On Friday 03 March 2006 22:41, Florent Monnier wrote:
It is somewhat futile to point out that support for the PSD format
needs to be improved. We know that. We know that for several years
now. We simply need someone who invests the time to improve it. No
need to convince anyone that it is a good idea.
rather than doing this job in the gimp, what would you think about
extract the current related code to initialize the project of a lib for
reading psd?

just an idea...
... perhaps more people would be able to get in this projet this way
Still faces of the problem of finding a developer interested in working
on it.  I wouldn't even know where to start.
Do you mean that extracting this code would be hard or long to do?
Or that starting a new project requires work?

The big problem with writing a support library for photoshop files is not that it's hard to do -- it's a moderate amount of work, and then some because the public specs aren't complete, but the real problem is that there's nothing public beyond version 6; everything after is closed and forbidden. It's better to spend time getting something together that's open, extensible and fits in with the emerging open document landscape.


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