This is one of those debates which dosent thrill me.

Gimp != Photoshop.
People often misunderstand free software and think.
"Hey here is a free Photoshop, cool..... What?? its not the same... why not???"

People open the gimp. poke about. and complain if its not what there used to. *(Grrr)

I dont have much time for these people, because they obviously are not using the Gimp long enough to appreciate its advantages over photoshop.

The UI is important, but its only 1 aspect of a program.

Somthing people dont focus on as much is the application work-flow. which I feel is more important in the long run. (ok the UI has to work of course)

Basicly - Once you know where all the buttons are, how efficently can you get the job done? - In my experience, The Gimps workflow is very nice, I have no complaints. so it always baffels me when people complain about the gimp not being like photoshop.

I use Blender3d every day and the gimp most days also for work as a 3d modeler. Blender is more extreme in that its UI is not that good, but it has an excellent work flow.

In some ways its better to be different. - Because its very unique, we rarely get the "Why dont you work like 3dsMax??" posts anymore...
viva la difference!

- Cam
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