On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 07:48 +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> It might be the wrong interface for some or even most users, but it was the
> most efficient interface for others.

Yep, I agree. The new dialog tab completion could be improved. But in my
opinion the new dialog itself is a lot better - the tragedy is in the
fact that the most useful feature of the old one suddenly worked a lot
worse and on top of it, was hidden and most people just didnt find it.

> Yes, the old one was regarded sucky, but not in its entirety. I know you
> didn't mean offense or anything, but this is a thing many people get annoyed
> with: the new fileselector removed a very efficient and well-known way of
> entering paths. Its simply gone. And when they word their concerns about
> that, they alway sget to hear that they are wrong, that the way they work was
> bad, and that it simply works. _This_ is IMHO the root of the flames.

You are very correct here. 

> Its not clear to me wether it can be improved. I personally think the
> best way would be to have two modes, switchable via some setting. Some
> people just don't want to use the mouse or wait till the program gets it
> act together, some simply don't want to switch between tab and another
> key. They can't get used to that, and its a drawback to them.

Well, if the tab completion was as fast as the older one, we wouldnt
have this flamefest of this length.

> Even though many people have voiced this very thing, its not people
> who develop or change things. The only things I hear form those who
> could change things is that people have to change their way of working,
> regardless of wether it is more or less efficient for them.

The spark of hope is that there seems to be growing concern and effort
into making things more efficient, faster and leaner again in gnome/gtk.
Gnome and Gtk has gained a lot of new features over the last years, and
undoubtedly accumulated a load of bloat and unoptimized stuff along the
road, as often happens in the development cycle. I am happy to see a lot
of discussion about this in the community. So we might have hope. :)

> No offense taken, no offense intended,

And no need to fear for that, your mail was very insightful. Thanks for
the feedback.


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