On Sat, Apr 01, 2006 at 02:58:12PM +0200, Ministeyr wrote:
> Manish Singh wrote:
> >> By the way, I thought the batch mode only understood scheme, so it 
> would make the whole thing even more complicated.
> >
> > One line of scheme to call your python script won't increase the
> > complexity appreciably.
> The problem is that if i have huge lists and complex python objects in 
> my external scripts, and i want to access them in the gimp's python-fu 
> script, i have to pass them through scheme, and thus it means converting 
> back and forth.
> I will try to adapt with pickle if it works.

You could serialize them to a temporary file, or choose from a number of
IPC methods python ships with. No need to pass stuff like that over the
command line.

How were you planning on doing it via your original though of having
having a "gimp_noui" anyway? The issues are more or less the same.
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