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> Subject: [Gimp-developer] Plea for a new interface...
> Carol,
> I can't understand your response. (maybe a little because of the english
> language)
> Carol, i think you minimize the importance of users opinions in the
> development of a software... or maybe it's me who maximize it.

I think it might be good to say that Carol has liked and used the GIMP for
a long time and is concerned that changes others want might not turn out
to be improvements, and is a good representative of long term users.

> If you truely think that my intervention was useless I apologize because I
> made you waste your time.

Many people make many suggestions but very few help out.  People who quite
like things the way they are tend to get a little annoyed and not
understand why people complain so much and do so little about it.  It is
very difficult for developers and existing users to be as nice to the
first person as the hundreth person to ask the same thing.

Me, I'm not content with thing the way they are but things are improving
(compare version 1.2 to now).  There are very few good alternatives if you
want to use GNU Free Software and complaining doesn't really help anyone.
I would prefer if people were more willing to copy Photoshop unless there
were specific reasons not to copy certain details, instead of the default
position being to judge suggestions in isolation but I'll keep trying to
nudge things along.  (For example: I think showing the text labels on the
palettes would make things easier to learn, and the bigger targets easier
to hit.  I usually have icons and text showing, or sometimes status and
text a neat feature you might not have discovered yet.  Might file a
request later.)

> and another where people could come and say how they are happy with the

Happy people tend to get on with creating artwork.  Sometimes the feedback
developers get might not be representative but hopefully things can be
improved without upsetting existing users.

> suggestions I made was interpreted as a critic (what I can understand
> because unlike in french the words review and critic are synonymous in
> english) I excuse me another time.

They are almost the same in Engish, we borrow the word 'critique'.  The
problem is probably more to do with it being difficult to express things
in writing, I often find people on the internet to be rude and excessively
blunt when apparently they aren't doing it on purpose (again and again and

> I will continue to use and promote this program because I like it and it do
> me good turns. Actually as I said in a precedent mail others have answered
> to my questions (Robert, Alexandre, etc). I don't insist in this way (the
> "review" i proposed) anymore. I will try to made a little video to show if
> the suggestions they gave me can be "efficient". Another time I thank them.

Stick around, perhaps you can still suggest changes that enough people
will like and maybe you could help out some way towards helping get those
changes made.

Alan H.
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