> If you truely think that my intervention was useless I apologize because I made you waste your time.

You took the time to create a screen mock-up (example).  You are in the minority, so thank you. However, I'm just a long time user and occasional bug reporter so my "thank you" carries less weight than the developers (IMHO), but don't be discouraged or overly sensitive about the reaction to your suggestion by some on this list.

You did not waste my time. I enjoyed your screen mockups - it made it very easy for me to understand your concept. On the other hand - others used to waste my time so much with their righteous indignation that I dropped off the list for a while. They have since toned down their rhetoric and I rejoined the list with a better understanding of the personalities.

All projects (that want to grow or survive) need new blood, even if they rehash old arguements.
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