Frédéric van der Essen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> - Gimp's worst popups:
>   * if i must save a .png over an existing one there is no less than 5
> popups... with the most useless "warning .png can't export layers, are
> you sure .?" The content of these 5 popups can fit in the first one,
> or better, in the save file dialog.

We know this and we would like to see it improved. But so far noone
has come up with a decent proposal for an overhaul of the Save/Export

>   * when using the crop tool, a giant popup pops right where fred is
> cropping, ???

This has been addressed in the meantime.

>   * Filters popups : They are - Huge (against #4) with a very small
> preview (yes i know about the settings)  they should be very small,
> with a huge preview in the main window. (like the crop tool)

Plugins are out-of-process. It is not exactly trivial to have them
display their preview in the image window. But patches are welcome.

>   * firefox has a "do not show this popup ever again" option for
> every warning and informative popup.

And how do you reenable a popup that you have asked to suppress? I
think that we should try to avoid popups but simply not showing them
is not an option. If we can get away without showing the dialog, why
do we show it at all then?

> #4 : if you maximize your artwork, the panels are over it, it makes
> the extreme areas of your work inaccessible without moving your
> panels, or going fullscreen.

Hit Tab and the "panels" are out of your way.

> So as a resume, the most problematic things in gimp's interface for
> fred are
> - too much popups.
> - not enough priority for the artwork (window expands below panels,
> unable to pan out of the artwork, small previews, etc...)
> - menu layout and navigation not workflow friendly.
> - not enough support for tablet devices.

You only summed up what we already know. You would have helped us a
lot more by going into a specific subject, writing down use cases and
doing a full-fledged proposal that actually helps interested
developers to implement something better.

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