[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-04-03 at 1609.19 -0700):
> Sven Neumann writes:
> > And how do you reenable a popup that you have asked to suppress? I
> > think that we should try to avoid popups but simply not showing them
> > is not an option. If we can get away without showing the dialog, why
> > do we show it at all then? 
> In the case of the warning popups when saving, why show them
> at all? Of course it needs to flatten layers when saving to JPEG;
> why not just do it without asking me every time? It's not like
> I have an option to save without flattening; all I can do is
> press OK.

Or maybe you want to save as anim or without applying layer masks or
the layer mask alone. I think the better solution is combining export
and format options into one dialog. There is a bug about this
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