Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On 4/17/06, Michael Schumacher wrote:

>> Provide a system that allows anyone to contribute and maintain resources
>> (brushes, palettes, scripts, plug-ins, ...) for GIMP, and have it
>> organized in a way that makes it easy for GIMP users to access these
>> resources.
> I wonder if you have read this:
> ;-)

Probably - I am subscribed to the create mailing list, but I didn't
remember this particular message. Create was also mentioned in the
discussion we had on IRC, but as one of the primary goals is to replace
the registry which contains GIMP-specific stuff (I don't think any
program except a GIMP derivate could use the plug-ins and scripts
currently), only part of this effort may be useful for it.

However, if something like (or
another format, as this seems to be unmaintained) is used as an
interface, I don't see a reason why other applications shouldn't make
use of it as well - we would already have to provide some things only to
specific GIMP versions, and this requirement could be extended to
"($version of) $app", "$fooapp, $barapp, ..." and so on. And if Create
is successful, there wouldn't be a need to distuingish, even :)


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