[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-04-18 at 1004.27 +0200):
> I had some ideas:
>  - Scripting languages and the GIMP - work on ruby or python bindings

What is missing in python one? About more langs... well, it is nice,
but it is also nice to have things that are completly finished instead
of many half done.

>  - Plug-ins: Save for web for example (too small to be a project, but
> could be part of one)

- Reorg the save workflow so there is only the save dialog and then
  the "per format" dialog, which should include the current export
  (flatten or save current drawable or as anim, apply masks or
  discard, etc) and format details (compression, comments, sampling

>  - Effect layers - I think this is fairly straightforward with the GIMP
> as it is, it's a nice chunk of a project, and would be a nice feature
> for users

If you mean what PS calls adjustment layers, we were talking about
this and layer groups in IRC yesterday. Running filters could be a bit
more tricky (what about multiple drawable input?) specially as some
are way slower than composing a bunch of layers in a slight different
order than current (groups) and with other extra formulas (adj) that
are still per pixel.

>  - Vector layers (or replace GFig plug-in by Inkscape plug-in?)

Layers sounds better as it allows "in line" work.

Related would be: Non ortogonal guide system, useful for perspective
works. Which could then be grouped to:

- Integrate the paths more into the system (vlayers, snap to vectors,
  auto fill and stroke after changes...) and increase the tools they
  provide (polygons, circles, "sun rays" shape for perspective...),
  instead of just being something you load to and save from selections
  or use a helper for stroking.

>  - Tools - shapes, intelligent eraser?

If you have vectors, and shapes means "make rectangle", shapes becomes
a bit mot, as it is non editable.

- Improved brush system: make system use pixmaps and svg as source for
  the editable brushes (instead of some geometrical shapes only),
  better interpolation of strokes (specially mouse), randomization of
  all kind of aspects (position, size, colour, opacity...), pressure
  curve remapping for tablets and full strokes, editable settings for
  GIH (while loaded, no save and refresh "dance"), make airbrush
  behave more airbrushy ...

- Healing tool: like clone tool with extra steps and special blend

A different thing:

- Improve the save session support. Currently dock order and other
  details are remembered. Remembering dettached menus and open/close
  of expander widgets would be nice too, so would be values for

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